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Save $20 on Bed Bug Treatment in Petaluma

Do you have bed bugs in your home? Let the professionals at Premier Canine Detection handle these pesky bugs! When you team up with us, you'll save $20 on your bed bug treatment. Don't wait any longer and contact us today!
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Industry Experts

At Premier, we specialize solely in bed bug detection and treatment, which makes us the best at what we do. We offer a wide range of treatments with family-friendly options.

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Same-Day Service

We know that dealing with bed bugs is a stressful situation that requires a quick solution. That's why we offer same-day inspections as well as Saturday service, so you can get relief when you need it.

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Guaranteed Results

Our team will work with you until you are 100% satisfied and we are confident that all bed bugs have been eliminated. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your problem has been resolved.

San Francisco, CA

Jordan and Raider are amazing beyond amazing. Within two days of me calling Premier Canine, Jordan brought Raider over to sniff my apartment. I recommend them times a million! 

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Bed Bug Treatment in Petaluma

You may think that a bed bug infestation would be pretty obvious, considering the appetite these insects have for blood. Though they’re irritating, bed bugs are only a few millimeters long and are pretty good at finding nooks and crannies to hide in during the day.

So, how can you be sure you have a bed bug problem before the infestation is severe enough you’re being bitten all night long? Fortunately, new developments in bed bug detection make it easier than ever for the experts at Premier Canine detection to find bed bugs no matter where they’re hiding.

The Power of Canine Detection in Petaluma 

Did you know that bed bugs have a smell? It may not be perceptible to the human nose, but it turns out that the sniffing power of trained K-9 colleagues tracks down bedbugs 60% more accurately than humans. 

Our technicians are well trained, but bed bugs are sneaky pests that can be obstructed from view or hidden deep within the crevices of fabric, carpets, furniture, and even behind wallpaper.  Our bed bug-detecting canines are rigorously trained so that their sharp senses make sure no bed bug goes unnoticed, even those not immediately visible to the human eye. 

Treatment Options

After a thorough K9-assisted inspection, we’ll provide a customized treatment plan to get rid of bed bugs in your home. At Premier Canine Detection, we use a combination of family-friendly treatments that reach every corner of your home for full elimination. In addition to using a pesticide that dries quickly and acts fast, we offer heat treatment that allows owners to return home within the same day as treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Petaluma

Bed bugs can’t survive in temperatures above 113 degrees. During heat treatment, we raise the temperature in your home above that point for about four hours to kill every bed bug without harming your furniture or belongings. It eliminates bed bugs at all stages of life, including eggs, so that you don’t have to worry about any hatchlings causing future problems. 

We customize your course of heat treatment to your home’s specific needs so that you get the optimum results. By combining the power of heat with family-safe pesticides, we provide the quickest relief possible so that you can get back to life before bed bugs. 

Rapid Relief Guaranteed

Bed bugs are a health and safety issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. When you choose Premier Canine Detection for bed bug treatment in Petaluma, you can count on rapid relief when you need it most. That includes same-day and Saturday service options, because bed bugs don’t respect a schedule, but we sure do.

We’ll even conduct follow-ups in 14-21 days after treatment to make sure bed bugs are completely gone. If they persist after that, our 30-day guarantee promises that we’ll perform another heat treatment or steam treatment.

As a locally owned company, we’re proud to eradicate bed bugs for our neighbors. For thorough bed bug control in Petaluma that lasts, contact the highly-trained humans and K9s at Premier Canine Detection. 

Save $20 When You Schedule Today!

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Healthcare workers do so much for us—we would love to return the favor! All healthcare workers receive 10% off their bed bug treatment.

June 30, 2024