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Get a Free Bed Bug Inspection in Mountain View

If you think you’re dealing with bed bugs, there is no time to wait! You can trust Premier Canine Detection to identify and get rid of your bed bugs immediately, so call for bed bug treatment in Mountain View today!
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Industry Experts

At Premier, we specialize solely in bed bug detection and treatment, which makes us the best at what we do. We offer a wide range of treatments with family-friendly options.

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Same-Day Service

We know that dealing with bed bugs is a stressful situation that requires a quick solution. That's why we offer same-day inspections as well as Saturday service, so you can get relief when you need it.

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Guaranteed Results

Our team will work with you until you are 100% satisfied and we are confident that all bed bugs have been eliminated. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your problem has been resolved.

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Jordan and his dog, Raider, were awesome! The team was punctual and very informative, I am very happy I decided to call them first.

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Bed Bug Exterminator in Mountain View

Bed bugs can make it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. They get into your house by hitchhiking on bags, furniture, or any other item that’s touched an infested upholstered surface, so it can feel completely out of the blue when you notice them! Once they’ve infested your bed, these annoying insects often feed at night, causing you to wake up with itchy red bites. Unfortunately, bed bugs will not go away on their own without taking action. Luckily for you, Premier Canine Detection is dedicated to providing the best bed bug treatment services in Mountain View. 

Canine Bed Bug Detection in Mountain View 

Bed bugs are excellent at hiding, which can make eliminating them challenging. It’s also possible to not even realize you have an infestation until they have multiplied. For ultimate detection and a more in-depth inspection, Premier uses bed bug sniffing K9s. Our K9s go through intensive training to become the best of the best at detecting bed bugs otherwise hidden from the human eye. 

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We recognize that each bed bug infestation requires a unique approach, so we have developed specialized treatments to ensure elimination. With heat treatments, our skilled team of exterminators will raise the temperature of your home to above 113 Fahrenheit to kill off any bed bugs, even the ones that are hiding. Bed bugs might be able to hide in the corners of your home, but they can’t hide from 113 degree temperatures!

Premier’s bed bug heat treatment includes:

  • A thorough inspection completed by our bed bug-sniffing K9.
  • Custom heat treatment with your home’s unique needs in mind.
  • Elimination of bed bugs at all life stages.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

Same-Day Bed Bug Inspections

We know that bed bug infestations are urgent matters, which is why we treat them as such. When you give us a call, we can be there in just a few hours! Premier Canine Detection is here to provide all of your bed bug treatment needs in Mountain View, quickly! We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible and offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Get A Better Night's Sleep.

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Healthcare workers do so much for us—we would love to return the favor! All healthcare workers receive 10% off their bed bug treatment.

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