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Raider began training as a puppy and he trained for 6 months. He trained at the esteemed Andy Falco K9 Academy. Raider was trained by master trainer Andy Falco himself, where he was rigorously tested before being able to even qualify as a detection dog. 

Raider gets very excited whenever he finds the live scent of bed bugs. He’s happy because he knows that’s what he is searching for and all his hard work had paid off! He gets very excited in the morning when he knows it's time to go to work and his tail starts wagging like crazy!

Outside of the office, Raider is sweet, cuddly, and very athletic! He loves receiving affection and pets. He can never get enough pets, he’ll always nudge for more. For fun, other than his job as a bed bug detection dog, there’s nothing Raider loves more than playing fetch with his favorite tennis ball.