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Meet Our Bed Bug Detection Dog: Our Secret Weapon, Raider

Black dog sitting with his owner

Raider is our beloved detection dog and our most reliable worker! Raider is accurate and efficient when detecting bed bugs, making him a valuable asset to the team. Raider was chosen as an employee after completing rigorous testing and outshining his peers. 

Raider’s Training 

Raider had extensive training since he was 6 months old at the Falco K9 Academy to ensure accuracy in detecting these pests. Raider was even trained by the master trainer, Andy Falco, himself. Raider uses his acute sense of smell to sniff out bed bugs in record time. He can even find bed bug eggs which humans often struggle to find. Raider continues to complete regular drills to ensure that his skills stay sharp and accurate. He loves going to work and gets excited to help his local community. Outside of the office, Raider likes to spend time with his family and play fetch. 

What is a Canine Bed Bug Inspection

A canine bed bug inspection is a service provided by specially trained dogs and their handlers. The dogs have been trained to detect the presence of bed bugs, even when the pests are hidden away in small cracks and crevices. During an inspection, the dog will carefully sniff around the room, paying particular attention to areas where bed bugs are likely to hide. If bed bugs are present, the dog will alert its handler. Canine bed bug inspections are often used in hotels, apartments, and other commercial buildings where there is a risk of infestation. They are also sometimes used in private homes, especially if there is a suspicion of an infestation but no visible signs. Canine bed bug inspections are generally considered to be more accurate than traditional methods of detection, such as visual inspections or the use of traps.

How Accurate Are Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs?

Bed bug sniffing dogs have become a popular tool for pest management professionals in recent years, but how accurate are they? That depends, accuracy depends on the amount of training. While bed bugs certainly have a distinctive odor, they can be difficult for humans to detect. Dogs, on the other hand, have an acute sense of smell and can be trained to identify the scent of bed bugs. In fact, studies have shown that bed bug sniffing dogs are highly accurate, with detection rates ranging from 80-98%. Bed bug sniffing dogs are a valuable tool for pest management professionals and can help to quickly and accurately identify infestations.

What Are the Benefits of K9 Bed Bug Inspections?

  • Early Detection: Raider is able to detect bed bugs way before any human can. If a human is able to detect bed bugs, then that means there's most likely a large infestation causing the critters to leave their good hiding places. 
  • Accuracy: Raider can sniff out live bugs and eggs, so you can catch the problem before it becomes a problem. Eggs are much harder to detect and that's why having Raider on our side prevents reinvestigations caused by these eggs.
  • Specificity: Raider can sniff out where the bed bugs are hiding, without having to completely rampage your home. 
  • Efficient: Raider does his job quickly and efficiently. Depending on the size of your home, he can inspect it within minutes!! While a visual inspection can take hours. 

We Know Bed Bugs

You know your home, and we know bed bugs. We specialize completely in bed bugs, and we know the process of removing them inside and out. If you notice the warning signs of a bed bug inspection Contact Us Today to receive accurate and specialized care.